Your First Plan Must Be To Survive In Place – The 8 Basics

In The Real World, Most People Don’t Have A Fully Stocked Retreat They Can Escape To. Even If You’ve Planned Ahead And You Do, There’s No Guarantee That You’ll Leave In Time Or That You’ll Be Able To Make It There.

Here’s what’s happening: With the threats of terrorist attack, natural disaster, economic collapse, or a pandemic, you need to have a survival plan in place quickly that is inexpensive and doesn’t depend on relocating or you being around as a leader.

Honestly, I don’t know who’s in worse shape, people in denial, or preppers who have lots of supplies and training, but their plan is just floating around in their head and isn’t based on reality.

Most Survival Plans Are Obsolete.

There are a TON of survival books, websites, and “experts” out there that have terrific information, but people make the mistake of thinking that reading a book means you’ve got a workable plan. In addition, all of them miss one of the seven key factors for helping you create the perfect survival plan.

The perfect Urban Survival plan must meet this 8 basic elements:

  • It Must Be Cheap…Survival SHOULDN’T be a luxury reserved for the rich. Many “experts” advice to have stocked rural retreat. This is NOT affordable  to must of us.
  • Fast To Plan Easy to Put Into Place Without a Ton Of Required Training/Classes/Supplies.
  • Compatible with Your Current Situation.
  • Easily To Follow By Your Family If You Can’t Be There To Help Them.
  • Adaptable In Case You Miss Your Window To Move
  • Sustainable If The Emergency Last For A Long Period Of Time
  • Reversible If You Start It Too Early. 
  • Written Down, So You Aren’t Relying On Memory When You’re Operating Under Stress and Without Sleep.

Do you have a plan that meets this 8 requirements?

Do you EVEN have written Down plan of what to do WTSHTF?

If you do… congratulations… you might be ahead of the crowd…

If you dont, you should consider having one it wont take you much time, but it can save your families life one day.

If you have no clue on how to start a Survival Plan that actually works you can sign up for David Morris’ FREE Urban Survival Mini Course today by going to the link below… (did I mention FREE course?)


About Survival John

Just a regular dad looking after his family. Former military. Red Cross volunteer. Interested on survival, urban and in the wild. I feel that there is information out there that the preppared individual has the need, right and duty to know. Im trying to make my blog a source of all of that.
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