Urban Survival Manifesto Part 1:  Self-Reliance vs. Goverment “solutions”

Survival/preparedness/self-reliance, is in part, as the ability for your family to survive and possibly thrive during periods of civil breakdown without having to depend on government agencies or non-government agencies.

This will be as a result of a combination of your family preparedness and because of relationships with friends who have also like you have prepared in advance. 

I don’t hate government agencies. 

In fact, I’m a first responder under FEMA–but as you also know I’ve repeatedly seen how one bureaucrat can destroy the effectiveness of dozens of competent first responders like you and I.

Thats why you need to have a plan that you and your family can execute without the help of any other organization.

What do you think fellow Lamplighter?

This is part 1 of a 10 post series titled “The Urban Survival Manifesto”

Part of this ideas are taken out of the David Morris’ SurviveInPlace.com Urban Survival 12 week online course.

Read part 2 of 10 of the Urban Survival Manifesto follow the link below:

Urban Survival Manifesto Part 2: Maintain Morals


About Survival John

Just a regular dad looking after his family. Former military. Red Cross volunteer. Interested on survival, urban and in the wild. I feel that there is information out there that the preppared individual has the need, right and duty to know. Im trying to make my blog a source of all of that.
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