Urban Survival Manifesto Part 2: Maintain Morals

Me and my family have decided in advance that we will make the necessary preparations so that we don’t have to compromise on our morals and values in civil breakdown situations.

This is something that happens often during urban disasters, when people are not prepared, the will to survive will make a desperate man or woman do anything for his family. Even if this hurts other people physicaly and their family moraly.

A large number of people’s survival planning involves stealing/looting after a disaster. Just because they dont have another plan to follow. This can be of potential danger to them and their family and to all the people around them, since they can be view as a threath and might get injured or killed.

Our survival plan does not involves looting or stealing. We will maintain high morals even in time of disaster. But just because we are ready.

Remember, at some point, some form of stability will return and you and your family will have to live with the consequences of your actions.

Severe punishment after disaster can be avoided just with a couple of hours of easy and careful planning.


About Survival John

Just a regular dad looking after his family. Former military. Red Cross volunteer. Interested on survival, urban and in the wild. I feel that there is information out there that the preppared individual has the need, right and duty to know. Im trying to make my blog a source of all of that.
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