Urban Survival Manifesto Part 3: Enjoy the Journey

Dont be so so focused on potential disaster that you and your family miss out on daily fun. Continually evaluate your decisions and purchases based on how they will play out, regardless of whether you ever have to live through civil breakdown. 

Try to stay balanced.

As an example, my family and I tend to buy large quantities of food that we already eat rather than large quantities of MREs that, truth be told, we really don’t like. 

We actually USE a lot of our survival supplies on a daily basis.

If you and your family need to survive for long periods of time you want to have the morale up, and having things as close to how they were before disaster will be of great help for this purpose.

So remember, just enjoy the journey, enjoy the preparation of your survival plan and if TSHTF try to make the best out of it, you owe it to yourself and your family.

How do you prepare for survival? Please leave a short comment below…

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About Survival John

Just a regular dad looking after his family. Former military. Red Cross volunteer. Interested on survival, urban and in the wild. I feel that there is information out there that the preppared individual has the need, right and duty to know. Im trying to make my blog a source of all of that.
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